Charlie Parker

I have been re-listening to my favourite Charlie Parker recordings and am reminded of how much I have been influenced by his music.

The intense swing, soul, humour , rhythmic variety, and depth of his playing has affected me profoundly. He definitely had a point-of-view and could convey a wide range of human feeling and emotion. I like his  “free-blowing”  approach to the songs,.He just counted off the tempos and let the magic happen organically.

I have been so influenced by his quartet and quintet recordings that when I hear a band with three or more horns-including Blakey and Horace Silver- it just sounds corporate and contrived. “Too many men on the ice”,  as trumpeter Jim Lewis once quipped.

As much as I like Ellington, Basie, Gil Evans et. al., give me a small group any day.

Thus spake Richard.