On listening to Shearing and Don Thompson

I was listening to a CD of George Shearing in duet with bassist Don Thompson recorded in the 80″s at Shearing’s home. I was impressed by the quality of the music and the beautifully nuanced sheen of Shearing’s piano sound in both impressionistic solo ballads and medium up bebop tunes. The music was complete and would not necessarily be enhanced by the addition of a drummer.

I recommend all drummers to listen for one month to music without drums. There are duets recordings to suit all taste. Here are some that I like: Warne Marsh and Red Mitchell, Ed Bickert and Don Thompson, Michel Petrucciani and Eddy Louiss, Phillip Catherine and Niels Pederson, Tommy Flanagan and George Mraz, Bill Mays and Ed Bickert, Melhdau and Metheny, Paul Desmond and Dave Brubeck, Ella and Joe Pass and Jimmy Rowles and Eric Von Essen.

What about all the great drummerless trios: Murley, Ed and Steve Wallace, Oscar Peterson, Nat Cole, etc?

What will they learn after this month of listening to music minus drums?